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David Friedman with Bruckner Symphony Orchestra

In Sept. 2014 David premiered Leah Muir’s concerto for improvised vibraphone and orchestra, ‘By the Reflecting Pool’ with the Bruckner Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dennis Russell Davies. The performance was the highlight of the ‘Ars Electronica’ festival in Linz, Austria. This work for completely improvised vibraphone is the 1/2 first of its’ kind in the history of solo performance with orchestra. In August the work was performed in Taiuyan, China with the Taiyuan Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Muir is working on a new work for David, this time for improvised vibraphone and string orchestra. A recording is planned with the Babelsberg film orchestra.

David Friedman and Rob Waring Duo

David Friedman and Rob Waring’s vibraphone and marimba duo fuses composition and improvisation in an exciting new kind of chamber music. Combining lyricism, driving rhythms, and a rich textural fabric, the playful spontaneity and freshness of their music sparks the imaginations and touches the souls of audiences wherever they perform. Management/Booking Lisbet Frøystadvåg

Melodic Improvising

David Friedman on Melodic Improvising: Transcription, Analysis, and Interview By Tristan Rogers Download the article as a PDF here In addition to being an internationally acclaimed performer and composer, vibraphonist David Friedman is probably best known to percussionists as the author of Vibraphone Technique: Dampening and Pedaling. In that study, Friedman addresses an obstacle inherent to making music on the vibraphone, which is that the vibraphone, due to its mechanical nature, is limited in terms of expressive capabilities.